Aims & Objective

Bhutan Nyö Foundation is founded with aims & Objective:

  • To restore Sumthrang Monastery and revive its spiritual and cultural education by developing the monastery into a centre for spiritual and cultural education.
  • To sustain the continued promotion of  Buddhist teachings in general and Sumthrang’s traditional Vajra Kilaya practice and research in specific.
  • To preserve and promote culture and its heritage, both tangible and intangible in Bhutan to sustain indigenous tradition and cultural values of Bhutan based on Buddhist principles to foster enlightened societies through documentation, research, education and development.
  • To promote  green and organic initiatives to foster an environmentally enlightened and agriculturally organic society in Bhutan through Buddhist principles of co-existence with non-human spirits and nature.
  • To promote conversion of religious and spiritual voluntarism into social benefit as a part of spiritual path and practice through socially benevolent activities in the Bhutanese communities.