Bhutan Heritage Scholarship

In line with Bhutan Nyo Foundation’s objective to foster an enlightened society in Bhutan through promotion and preservation of Bhutan’s traditional religion, its principles and values in practice. Bhutan Heritage Scholarship under the Nyo Initiative for Culture and Heritage is established with funding support from Central European University (CEU) based in Austria and Hungary and the Association for International Solidarity for Asia known as the ASIA foundation based in Rome, Italy dedicated to preservation and promotion of Himalayan culture and heritage.

This scholarship will be offered to five each deserving candidates from the Department of Culture (DoC) and the College for Language and Culture Studies (CLCS) beginning 2020 academic year to 2030 on an alternative basis with an aim to build professional expertise in their respective filed of works. It is in recognition of the importance of these two organisations, one as a governing body overlooking Bhutan’s culture and heritage and the other as the only educational institution producing Bhutanese generations for the preservation and promotion of Bhutan’s culture and heritage. By 2030 the scholarship initiative is expected to at least support ten deserving and dedicated Bhutanese in the Cultural Heritage Studies.

It is a fully funded scholarship program where the recipients of the scholarship will study in CEU in vienna, Austria for two years leading to Masters of Arts in Cultural Heritage Studies with major in research, policy and management.