Nyo Signs Implementation Pact to Improve Classroom Teaching in Ura School

Nyo Education Initiative Begins with an Implementation Pact with Ura Central School to improve classroom teaching.

On the 20th November 2021, the Nyo Foundation of Bhutan and the Ura Central School signed an implementation pact to implement a project titled “Creating interactive digital classrooms to support the transition from quantitative to qualitative education in support of quality education in the school.”

The project is also our attempt to contribute to His Majesty’s vision of technological integration in the education systems. This being first project under our Nyo Education Initiative which aims at complementing government and other agencies towards development of learning and teaching in schools, we hope promote this mechanism of transformation among the schools.

Under this pact the Nyo Foundation in partnership with ASIA Onlus based in Rome, Italy with funding support from Pronvincia Autonoma Di Bolzano will support nine digital smart boards to the school to transform classrooms in the school from traditional to digital classrooms.  Besides the digital smart boards, the project will also develop a comprehensive website for the school with course management system for the school. The school and the foundation hopes to collaborate with the relevant government and other agencies in developing the websites for a broader benefit of the schools in the country.

The project will be implemented and completed within the year 2022. A similar pact will also be signed with the Gaserling Central School.

Nyo Foundation of Bhutan is religious organization founded under the patronage of Sumtrhang Choeje of the 13th century established Sumtrhang Monastery in Ura, Bumthang Bhutan. The Foundation aims at promoting spiritual society with development in educational and cultural values as part of giving to the communities around us and to the country.

A Brief Story by Kuensel: https://kuenselonline.com/picture-story-1015/