BNF and Association of International Solidarity for Asia (ASIA) to partner in Bhutan

ASIA’s Director and BNF chair after signing share a moment

On the auspicious day of the 10th February 2020 at Taktse, Trongsa, Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) of partnership between the Bhutan Nyo Foundation (BNF) and the Association for International Solidarity for Asia (ASIA) foundation was signed by the founding chair of BNF Choeje Lam Jamtsho and Mr. Andrea Dell’angello the Director of ASIA.

The MoU will be the binding document to partner in the projects in Bhutan that uplifts communities, preserves traditional spirituality, culture and nature within the shared vision of enlightened societies for peace, prosperity and a sustainable world.

BNF will be the implementing partner for any projects in Bhutan for ASIA, which will be the funding and monitoring body. The MoU is a general understanding to undertake projects in Bhutan with the scope of shared mission and vision of the two organizations within the laws of the kingdom and, its rules and regulations.

Meanwhile, the Bhutan Heritage Scholarship is the first BNF initiative funded by ASIA and Central European University for Bhutan towards building capacity in cultural heritage research, policy and management. BNF and ASIA looks forward to promote and preserve traditional spirituality, culture and nature through strategic projects, which also helps uplift Bhutanese communities complementing the excellent works of the royal government and other the non-government organisations in the country including private sectors.

BNF is a religious organisation founded under the auspices of Sumtrhang Choeje Lam Jamtsho and the ASIA is a civil society organisation in Europe founded under the auspices of late professor Namkhai Norbu rinpoche, a well known Dzogchen master.