Nyo Agro Initiative Distributes 14 Greenhouse Sets

Representatives of the greenhouse groups loading their greenhouse equipments

While the COVID-19 pandemic caused global distress. Bhutan has been fortunate under the compassionate and visionary leadership of His Majesty the King and the government. Dispite the challenges, people and the country remained under good care.

To join the collective efforts of the government, institutions, organisations and the individuals, the Nyo Foundation of Bhutan, a religious organization of Sumtrhang Choeje successfully distributed greenhouse sets to the communities in Ura gewog, Bumthang on April 18, 2021.

Under the “Nyo Agro Initiative,” to foster organic and environmental friendly agricultural practices in the communities, the greenhouse has been arranged through a project to support villages of Ura to overcome the impact of COVID-19 in partnership with ASIA onlus an international NGO based in Italy. The project is funded by Autonomous Province of Bolzano.

A picture story covered by Bhutan’s national news paper, Kuensel

Through this project, we are able to distribute greenhouses to 13 small groups of farmers in the 11 villages in Ura and one set of greenhouse to the Ura central school, which has about 120 bording students. The distribution is expected to complement the government initiatives to boost local production of vegetables with a goal to promote vegetable self -sufficiency in the local communities of Ura.

A tool kit each to the groups will also be provided as part of the project. Besides, keeping in mind the fluctuation of prices of local chilli, which often gets high. The project will distribute chilli saplings to the 14 greenhouse groups including the school with hope to produce enough chilli for the households and the school in the coming season. The 14 green houses is expected to benefit a total of about 100 households with over 300 household members and the school.