Sumtrhang Multipurpose Education Centre in Progress

The Nyo Foundation’s primary aim at this initial periods of its founding is to restore and revive the traditions of Sumtrhang’s age old spiritual education and the cultural practices of its 13th century founded monastic centre.

One of the activity identified for the revival and restoration is the establishment of Sumtrhang Multipurpose Education Centre to host monastic students and the youth to undertake both long and short term spiritual and cultural education.

For this objective, supported by our partner ASIA Onlus based in Rome Italy, the structure for the Multipurpose Education Centre has been initiated as the first phase of the project since the beginning of 2021. Although, delayed by the global COVID pandemic, the construction has been progressing well and on track implemented by this foundation in partnership of ASIA Onlus.

Up on completion of this structure, it shall be able to host at least about 15 students at a time for short term programs alongside another 15 long term monastic students to undergo educational and personal development programs in the filed of spiritual and cultural education.

The structural facility for the Multi Purpose Education Centre is expected to complete by end of December 2021. This adds to the hostel and offices space for the school campus of the monastery supported mainly by Swedish Tibetan Society for School and Culture with additional assistance from individual well-wishers.